Where to go

There are many places to go to in Bristol to hear the sound of Reggae music. We're putting together a list of venues to make it easier for those that are new to the city and to raise awareness of some lesser known gems. Check it!

If you host a regular reggae event and would like us to feature the venue on this list, or if you think there's anything missing, let us know.


Home of our monthly session, the last Thursday of each month, as well as plenty of other reggae nights. Check out our media page to see the reggae society in full effect and keep and eye on their website for full listings.

Trinity Centre

Home of Teachings in Dub, Bristol's finest dub soundsystem night. There are plenty of other things going on at Trinity, including the occasional reggae promotion, so it's worth checking their listings from time to time.

Black Swan

The Black Swan is widely regarded as a rave venue but it hosts regular dub nights too, showcasing both local and national soundsystems. Well recommended for an authentic taste of Bristol's current scene.


This venue has hosted many of the original reggae greats, although tends to be off the radar to most students. It's definitely worth keeping your ear to the ground to avoid missing a one-off performance from someone special. Their listings can be found here.


Plantation is a live music venue that hosts some of the most varied live acts in the city. From reggae to samba reggae, latin, funk, ska, blues and bhangra, Plantation always delivers high quality music, a friendly welcoming atmosphere, fantastic Caribbean food and a bar that is open til 3am.

See what's on by checking out their listings page

Idle Hands

Idle Hands is an independent record store on Stokes Croft. It is a nice place to drop in to meet local DJs and producers. You can also pick up tickets from the shop for events like Teachings in Dub. Check out their website to see what they have in store.

The Croft

Located in Stokes Croft, the Croft hosts gigs of a variety of styles. Typically, live events are followed by DJs and quite often you can catch some reggae in the side room.

Check their listings page here.


Lakota is celebrating its 20th birthday in 2012, so it's no wonder that it has earned such a reputation. Hosting nights of a wide variety of genres across its many rooms, there's often some reggae to be heard!

Colston Hall

Colston Hall hosts a wide variety of events, including comedy and art exhibitions as well as live music. Their varied listings can be found on their website.

Big Chill

The Big Chill can be found on Small Street in the centre of town. It's normally free to get in and there's a quite varied selection of music on, depending on the night of the week.

Check out their website for more info.

The Chimp House
The Chimp House
Golden Lion

The Golden Lion Pub, on Gloucester Road.